Technorati Redesigns

Technorati redesigns and looks excellent. Is this the first search engine with completely valid HTML and CSS? Feedback: Have the cosmos link/icon in the results by the name instead of the time posted. Fonts seem a tad small for me. Footer is off-center on results pages. Congrats to Tantek and the Technorati team. (Tanteknorati, heh.) As they continue to address performance issues I can start to use the service regularly again.

6 thoughts on “Technorati Redesigns

  1. I haven’t been able to login since the redesign, nor does my watchlist feed work in my feedreader.
    Growing pains, I guess, and I hope everything gets fixed soon. I have grown to like Technorati, lately.

  2. Carthik,
    You’re absolutely right, we’ve been having some availability/service issues with all the traffic we’ve been getting. We’re working very hard to get them resolved ASAP. Thanks so much for your patience and support.

    And thanks for the kind words regarding the redesign Matt and Konstantinos. Many details were sweated by yours truly.

    I vaguely remember being valid when it launched, although it seems that that may have changed at some point. I also vaguely remember Lycos Europe, Germany in particular being announced on and Currently it is just one invalid id attribute shy which is still quite an accomplishment.

    So yes, Matthew, it appears that Technorati may be the only search engine serving valid XHTML and CSS today. I can totally understand though, it’s quite a challenge to achieve validity on a commercial site in the first place, and much harder to maintain it. I’ll be doing my best to make sure Technorati provides as high fidelity pages as possible. Keep the feedback coming!