Vivified, another WordPress blog with a nice design. However it has what I would characterize as gratuitous IFR usage. When did people become afraid to use images? Flash is for funny animations and interactive design experiments, not headlines.

4 thoughts on “vivified

  1. Hmm, sounds like a serious discussion is needed on if a line should be drawn on IFR usage. Granted, most sites w/ IFR usage stick to just the high-level page titles – Shaun Inman can get away with “gratuitous IFR usage” because he made the darn thing, but mostly because it just looks so damn good (there’s something warm and fuzzy about seeing your own name in a smooth typeface via IFR on his comments). I’m not too concerned with Vivified’s use.

    I’d say the line should be somewhere near a few handful. CPU resources can get eaten alive when you’ve got 90 or so flash titles (ex: count the number of replacements on this comment thread). But for me the tradeoff is negotiable since both the JS file and SWF are cached and I don’t have to worry about time and effort to make images that total a lot more then those two.

  2. Well, obviously, I’m a believer in dynamic image generation and image replacement using CSS. It looks good, loads fast, is accessible, and prints well. Works for me. (c)