WiFi iPod

Directory of WiFi hotspots on your iPod, only for Bay area folks. If there was a WiFiPod for Houston I’d be all over this. I’m taking the iPod I bought with extradinarily bad timing back to the store today and trading it in for a 4G.

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They’re both a waste. Plop down $400 (after rebates) and you get the Treo 600 with unlimited extendable SD card memory (and phone, and Palm apps, and camera, and e-mail, and phone, and almost the whole damn web).

I disagree. First of all, you’re assuming people are going to be able to get a $400 Treo, which only applies if they sign a new contract (probably 2 years). Understandably, lots of people don’t want to do this or may be in another contract already. The 600’s street price is around $630. SD memory is “unlimited” as long as you don’t mind spending a lot of money and carrying around a lot of cards. The cheapest I could find a gig of SD online is about $154, and that’s 1/20th of the smallest 4G iPod. (A quarter of the Mini.) Not to mention playing MP3s on the Treo kills battery life, rather than the 8+ hours I get with my iPod. What tipped my decision though is that the Treo doesn’t support Bluetooth and my phone, Palm, headset, and laptop all already talk to each other using Bluetooth. I can upgrade or replace each component individually, rather than spending over six hundred dollars for a phone larger than mine that doesn’t do anything I can’t already do today.