I did it!! I finally got a wireless card working on my Gentoo box. I can finally unplug that unsightly ethernet cord that’s been stringing across my house while I’ve been trying to get this working. The problem was there was a driver I had to download and then put into a directory which I also had to create. I didn’t find much to help me, but this thread put me on the right track. The card is a Harris Semiconductor D-Links DWL-g650 A1 (rev 01). I have been trying to get this (and other things) to work for almost a month now. This is a huge relief, and I can’t believe I’ve been held up this long by something so simple.

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how about writing a tut so other people can find out how to do it? might come in useful for other people 😛
and well done. gentoo, that’s pretty hardcore.

Congrats on the accomplishment. I had the unfortunate surprise of having the broadcom chipset for the integrated wireless on my laptop. I had to use the next best solution which is the NDISWrapper. It doesn’t do everything I would like, particularly work with Kismet, but I can get wireless access and that’s all that really matters in the end.

I’m going to write up step-by-step the successful instructions for getting it running and post it here for the sake of Google, then I can copy it to the Gentoo forums.

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