A Walk

I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately so earlier tonight I went to the park to clear my thoughts the best way I know how, thinking through everything. It’s one of my favorite places in Houston but I haven’t been in a while because the weather has been pretty warm and I’ve been pretty busy. It’s night and a the wind rustles pleasantly as I stroll to my favorite thinking spot. Someone is there and unsure of what to do I keep walking with no real destination in mind. I come to a spot that just a short while ago was a dry bed of concrete and a mess of construction, but it has become a long reflecting pool with comfortable benches and a relaxing fountain at the end. This new part of the park is a tribute to the Washington Monument. It’s perfect. When life pushes you beyond where you’re comfortable that’s often where you’ll find the most rewarding experience.

5 thoughts on “A Walk

  1. Thats one of the great things about living by the sea. I have a beach literally right in front of my window – just a quick hop and a skip and you’re on the beach.

    Late at night when all is quiet, you can sit or stroll along the beach listening to the sound of the sea.
    Just seeing the hugh extent of the sea, makes you sit up and slap yourself…

    In the winter its even better, there are no tourists about, and everywhere is much quieter – you can stroll down there in the day and not see a soul.

    I sure would miss the sea if i had to move!

  2. This is going to sound extremely stupid, but…We have park? Where? If it weren’t raining or hot as hell, I’d leave the house more often. My favorite place to think and relax is my bedroom closet. I think that’s a sign. 😉