Humble Googling

It’s always humbling when you’re searching for an answer to something on Google and you come across a page from your own site in Google. It’s even worse when that page has the answer. I want Technorati or Feedster to show three types of hits: those from my own blog, those from other blogs, and those from Google.

4 thoughts on “Humble Googling

  1. Actually, what I find annoying is when one of my pages comes up and I know it does not have the answer. I have several pages that score higher in Google than the content actually deserves.

  2. Gotta agree with Michael. I had a question about PPC-Linux at one point and couldn’t find anything, so I decided to jot down a note about “I’ll add more once I’ve figured out XYZ.” Weeks later I decided to tackle the problem again, and the most informative page I could find on the issue was my own remark about how I couldn’t find the answer!