Kubrick by Michael

Michael finishes the Kubrick theme for WordPress, goes beyond just a style. Be like Mike with your blog. Where are the screenshots? Just like other enviroments there seem to be a few style leaders in the WordPress ecosystem and you can clearly see their influence in a lot of blogs.

10 thoughts on “Kubrick by Michael

  1. I’m with Kartooner. Kubrick is such a nice clean design, in constrast with the default design that current ships with WP, which, sad to say, is dubpar. πŸ™‚
    Kubrick shows off WP very nicely, and it looks like a good starting point, althought I haven’t mucked about with it enough to know for sure.

  2. If the default CSS is going to change, I’d certainly appreciate some notice ?

    I’m about 25% through revamping the guide I have, and changing the default will render my work redundant. I’d certainly do a similar guide for any replacement – unless one is being done elsewhere – but having some notice ahead of a change would help me get something together and save the forums a flood of questions about how people alter the CSS to how they want. No matter how good it does look, people will always want to fiddle πŸ™‚

  3. Looks like Michael’s possibly getting too much traffic due to the template? “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” on his site currently. Do you know of anyone who could mirror?