Spam Whoops

I had forgotten to check the spam folder on one of my accounts for a while. Over 67,000 spams caught by SpamAssassin!

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So how do you parse out the junk? Do you run a query with all messages with lower than X score so that you can ignore the REALLY high spam messages? That’s WAY too many messages to handle at one time of reading or even in a month’s time.

I don’t know why you guys get so much spam. I have an email address for about 5 years (published in dozens of forums and websites) and I get 1-5 spam emails a day, and it’s even getting less! (A year ago I got 10-20 a day.)

Hannes, you’re a lucky, lucky person.

The total # of messages in my spam folders right now is 27,588 – that’s everything since July 4th. About 600 a day. These are just the ones with a SpamAssassin score of 10 or higher – everything with a score of 5-10 I review manually, which is usually 20-30 a day.

The fact that I have been using one address since 1997 is part of the problem, the fact that I have about 50 active email addresses that receive valid mail (and spam) is another. Thank heaven for SpamAssassin.

For some reason, I had a really bad day on Friday: Usually I get about 150 spam emails at work, but I got 350 yesterday! I hope it’s not a continuing trend because IS is starting to complain, and I just can’t empty the box fast enough for them! Love, C

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