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Son writes in that WordPress is listed on the front page of Flickr. Though I don’t use it myself for a few reasons, Flickr constantly wows me with its features, architecture, and innovation. I’m watching the service as it evolves out of beta with interest. Also one of their developers, Cal, has been helping out with WP a bit lately.

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I’ll tell you one thing that I don’t like, and that is how some information is not made available to you unless you sign up for a membership first. Try and get to their upgrade page, and you’ll see what I mean. If I want information on their planned pro accounts, why can’t they just make that available?

I don’t trust companies that do things like that.

Just to chime in, for anyone running WP 1.3 CVS and thinking of using Flickr: you can now send pictures to your WP blog using the ‘MetaWeblog API enabled’ option instead of the Blogger API.

(I’m the president of the company that makes Flickr.)

Thanks Matt 🙂

And Craig – don’t be too quick to judge. One of us just noticed that that page was unavailable to non-logged in users the day before yesterday. We’ve been developing on a pretty insane timeline, and there are lots of aspects of the site that work in a certain way “just because”, not becase they were planned that way (we’re still very much in beta).

Right now it just contains information on how to obtain a free trial pro account, and there is no pricing or other information available. That’s because we haven’t made that available. And that’s because we haven’t made the final decision. And there’s nothing malicious in that 😉

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