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Compare the flash and text-only versions of J.K.Rowling’s Official Site. Separate but equal, right? Hat tip: Jakob.

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I usually don’t like Flash-based websites, but I simply adore Lightmaker’s work on J.K. Rowling’s site. It reminds me of early exploration-based PC games like Cosmic Osmo or The Manhole. Very nice!

If you actually think as to why someone is wanting to use a text only version then it almost makes sense.

A) you’re using a text-only browser (lynx):
The text only page would look pretty good

B) you are using a screen reader:
The markup is messy but workable. There’s even a ‘skip navigation’ link.

C) you’re saving bandwidth:
What do you expect you ___!

At least it’s two steps forward – so long as the content is there.

I do agree with the above comments of prefering text over flash, I’m trying to see the reasoning of the page designer. I remember I used to see “flash” and “non-flash” versions of sites. The non-flash version would be a screenshot of the flash version with links and menus stuck in place with fancy table work, surely this is now possible with only a small ammount of css.

The fact you have to hunt for links is part of the visual experience, it’s supposed to be like that. Try and remember who JK Rowling’s target audience is – people who are heavily into HP, want to look for clues and have fun on the site. The emphasis is on solving puzzles and exploring the site. Hence why she’s gone with a Flash design.

I love the design and have no problems with the huge difference between the text and flash versions, and the people who use the site (Harry Potter fans) have not complained in any forums I’ve visited.

I do enjoy the good old text based pages still if they’re available. I like to have the right feel when I scroll. Many of the Flash does not allow me to use my mouse wheel to scroll (those created with Flash 7 can I believe). But as for JK Rowling’s page, I pick the Flash one any time. The text one simply looks too ugly. Look at the colors..

I can only assume that primary focus was on the flash version, and with that up – that focus can perhaps shift towards the text version – and become better.

Perhaps I am wrong, and the text version just blows.

a question for j.k.:what did you think first:Lord Voldemort´s name or “I am lord Voldemort”(you know, with Tom Marvolo Riddle´s letters )
sorry for my english, that is because I am from Argentina.Thanks

I only want to question you Mrs.Rowlings that how does Fred and George Weasley’s “OWL” results were declared when the term actually ended at Hogwarts in Harry’s third year(same book infact!) and students from Harry’s year have to wait till july to find whether they have achieved an O,A,EE,P,D or T? Dont you think it’s injustice to students like Hermione?


Mrs.Rowlings please do tell in “HALF BLOOD PRINCE”,whether Ron and Hermione fancy each other or not. I know that a boy from my school fancies me but I also know that he’ll have a real trouble in saying me so! He is real big fan of yours and I know that he’ll once propose me on getting idea from you.