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Do the LiveMarks give you a sign when the content updates? There doesn’t seem to be any settings for it so I’m guessing not?

They don’t yet give you any indication a chanel has been updated, but i’d expect that functionality will get added soon, it’s a pretty essential function, otherwise the Live Bookmark system is no faster than opening everything in tabs.

Yeah, it’s definitely got room for improvement. But for the way that I use RSS, I prefer a (mail|news)reader style of interface. I’m sure that the RSS integration of both apps will improve over the next few updates.

I think it’s fair to say that the RSS support in both apps is only so-so. Of course, they are both new features, and it’s only going to get better from here. Personally, I’ve been enjoying the RSS icon in Firefox that shows up when a page has a feed. I’ve been surprised by how many non-blog sites have feeds that I never would have thought to look for.

That RSS icon is great, so is the fact the address bar goes orange when using a https:// connection.

Personally i don’t like using aggregators, they seem like an extra step, and generally they’re overkill. All i want to know is whether a site has been updated, and if it has i’d much rather go see the site than read a feed. Firefox’s handeling of Live Bookmarks is something i’m much more comfortable with than an aggregator, and i’m finding it useful already.

Now if only it listed ‘new items’ in a group at the top of the panel, rather than having to scroll for aaages through a huge list of feeds…