Spread Firefox

Spread Firefox

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They don’t yet give you any indication a chanel has been updated, but i’d expect that functionality will get added soon, it’s a pretty essential function, otherwise the Live Bookmark system is no faster than opening everything in tabs.

That RSS icon is great, so is the fact the address bar goes orange when using a https:// connection.

Personally i don’t like using aggregators, they seem like an extra step, and generally they’re overkill. All i want to know is whether a site has been updated, and if it has i’d much rather go see the site than read a feed. Firefox’s handeling of Live Bookmarks is something i’m much more comfortable with than an aggregator, and i’m finding it useful already.

Now if only it listed ‘new items’ in a group at the top of the panel, rather than having to scroll for aaages through a huge list of feeds…

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