Trac, integrated source control and project management. I’m getting this set up for all my personal projects, including this site. Update: If I can ever get the dang thing installed.

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  1. Oh it handles CVS too? I thought it only did SVN. Anyway, I tried putting my site in CVS once, but it was giving me more pain than I was getting from it. I use CVS or SVN for all my code projects, but for websites, I think it’s more complicated. Images, cache files laying around, binaries and such are confusing CVS too much. How did you deal with them? Just plain .cvsignores?

  2. Well, I’m convinced!

    The screenshots look pretty good — I don’t think any of the individual components are the best out there at what they do, but the idea of having all these divergent systems in one nice, integrated place is too good to resist. It’s almost worth it for the source control features alone, it appears.

    Now, to figure out the install…

  3. Thanks for the tip. I managed to get it installed tonight as well, but it was a bit of a bitch. I did it on Fedora Core 2. If you have any questions, let me know. I wasn’t able to get clearsilver to compile right away, until i used the `configure` options from Dag’s rpm spec file: –enable-apache –enable-java –enable-python –enable-perl –disable-csharp –disable-ruby. I think the ruby stuff was misbehaving. Hope that helps.