5 thoughts on “Dovecot

  1. It is excellent… since I set it up a couple of months ago, it’s run like a dream. Given that it users Maildirs it makes it really easy to write scripts to process and move files around your folders. I wrote a script that periodically checks a “Train as spam” folder, classifies the message as spam using spamprobe, then files it in the spam folder.

    I blogged about setting up Dovecot, Exim and Fetchmail here … http://blogs.papercutsoftware.com/matt.doran/archives/2004/08/24/new-mail-server-debian-exim4-dovecot-imap/

  2. What are you currently using, photomatt?

    I’ve been using UW’s imapd, which has served well enough for the past year. I’m just now growing beyond mbox mailboxes, so I’m looking at Courier IMAP with maildir for the next iteration of my server. Most of the folks on my LUG’s mailing list rave about Courier IMAP.

    Note this follow-up message to the one linked in Matt Doran’s entry about Dovecot’s speed. I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my MUA, as do most of my users. I’m fairly certain that Thunderbird (and many other “popular” MUAs, as described in the link above) do a great deal of caching. That may obviate a lot of Dovecot’s performance.