Jane Kim for School Board

One of the people I had the pleasure of meeting while in San Francisco was Jane Kim, who’s running for school board there. If you’re voting in that area in this upcoming election I would highly recommend checking out where she stands on the issues and keep Jane Kim in mind when you visit the polls. If you get a chance to meet her before the election you’ll also get to see what a neat person she is, if not you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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Hey, Jane Kim!
My name is Jane Kim too!
For reals!!!!!!!

I got deals!!!!
So hook me up, homie!

I hear you’re running for board school board some board…REPRESENTINg the ASIONAn RACCEEE!!

HOLLLA lylas (luv u like a sista!!!!)

(we probably are sisters!!)

BTW….were you adopted?

if you are we really could be sisters…minus the fact I ain’t

yours truely,

Jane Kim

[…] I first posted about Jane Kim in 2004, on my first visit to San Francisco. Fast-forward 6 years and she’s President of the School Board and going for District 6 Supervisor in tomorrow’s elections. If you’re in San Francisco, or know someone cool who is, check out her website and keep her in mind at the polls tomorrow. Tomorrow will also be my first time voting in person instead of by mail, which I expect to be annoying but worth it. […]

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