Jane Kim for School Board

One of the people I had the pleasure of meeting while in San Francisco was Jane Kim, who’s running for school board there. If you’re voting in that area in this upcoming election I would highly recommend checking out where she stands on the issues and keep Jane Kim in mind when you visit the polls. If you get a chance to meet her before the election you’ll also get to see what a neat person she is, if not you’ll just have to take my word for it.

7 thoughts on “Jane Kim for School Board

  1. Hey!!!!!!!!


    Hey, Jane Kim!
    My name is Jane Kim too!
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    I hear you’re running for board school board some board…REPRESENTINg the ASIONAn RACCEEE!!

    HOLLLA lylas (luv u like a sista!!!!)

    (we probably are sisters!!)

    BTW….were you adopted?

    if you are we really could be sisters…minus the fact I ain’t

    yours truely,

    Jane Kim