13 replies on “minibb Abandons GPL”

  1. Please, please, release your version! 🙂 I’ve got no fewer than three site development projects that are on hold, specifically because I can’t find a good forum solution that integrates with WordPress. These sites will be launched when I locate a solid WordPress/forum combination, and not sooner! :p

  2. I have never used miniBB, but looking at the features list it compares to the features of PunBB, which is a lightweight GPL forum and uses php and mysql (or postgresql) and there is a minibb to punbb converter 🙂 .
    You can find PunBB here: http://punbb.org/

  3. Yeah, PunBB is great. It’s fast and lightweight, but I suggest waiting a little bit, for 1.2 to be officially released.

    They dropped al the tables in that release.

  4. this is timely..

    loads of questions on the WP support forums about shared cookies, how to get your recently commented posts to hop into the first position, and more…

    any integration with a functional board would be outtasight.

    (and can i help?)

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