Product Weblogs

Guide to product weblogs, well-written and thourough.

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Thanks for pointing us to this, Photo Matt! I found the article clear and concise. He covers all the basics and gives a nice explanation of RSS feeds. Interesting fact about Jeremy Zawodny, too.

I just deleted a blog I created for a local club, I think it was depriving the club leader of glory: “We’re not ready for this yet, something got lost in the translation”!

What that means is: the blog was making the other stuff look antiquated and mediocre, the blog was “too techy, too cool” I guess. Thot you’d like hearing of my sufferings.

Moral: be careful doing too much work on freebie jobs for charities and clubs. They might resent your expertise.

Vaspers the Grate grates again!

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