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It’s been all over, but I’m finally getting to check out the new new Apple education weblog which, coincidentally, is run by WordPress. I would like to thank the people who emailed me about this, in chronological order: Mike Carvalho, Serge K. Keller, Matt Willmore, Michael, John Roberts, Kyle, Michael Biven, Andreas Mayer, Noel Jackson, Manish, Jasmeet. I need to blog faster next time. 🙂 Update: Within the past two hours they commented out the “Powered by WordPress” text on the page. Before anyone jumps the gun it is entirely within their right to do so under the GPL, which I and the other developers believe strongly in, but it’s too bad as I think that could have been excellent exposure.

17 thoughts on “Apple WordPress Weblog

  1. I hope the content improves as time passes. Currently it appears to have been written by a 35-year old marketing exec who thinks he knows what the ‘yoof’ sound like.

  2. Yes, I saw that. What’s the point setting up a blog if you only provide some little sample? It doesn’t even say how it relates to Apple. They just have some loose section called ‘blog’ under ‘education’.

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