Case for Ping-O-Matic

Okay you’re blogging or writing a weblogging tool, you can ping 41 services today and who knows how many tomorrow, or just lock in and worry about more important things. Also I wouldn’t recommend pinging all of those services indiscriminately as some are for specific niches (blogs in German or Japanese for example) that your blog might not fit into. Don’t pingspam.

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Amen. I remember when I wrote up a plugin to ping and then saw, a while later, TrackBacks picking up on the ping. I didn’t really think about how I hadn’t really clarfied what WG was—it’s a cheeseball portal for my friends, which I don’t run, for those folks too lazy to have/use newsreaders—and was afraid that WG was going to get mercilessly pinged. [Of course, it doesn’t matter; if WG doesn’t know that you exist, your pings mean nothing to it.] But still.

Maybe I’ve missed something, but is there a way to automatically ping from your weblog without pinging ALL of the services? It would be nice to automatically ping a few of the major ones without having to worry about pinging some of the more specific services.


After reading an update on Ping-O-Matic, I decided it was time to give it a try. This service seems to be quite extensive and saves me from having to maintain a list of active RPC ping URLs. The tool pings…

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