Getting Dark

Boston is so weird, it’s only 4 in the afternoon and it’s already almost dark.

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Well, it gets dark in Huntsville around 4:15 or so, and we’re not north … we’re just very, very far east in the time zone. [The AL-GA state line is the demarcator from Eastern to Central time in our part of the US, and I sit maybe 60 miles west of that line.]

Ugh, I used to hate that. There’s almost a month more to go too… I remember one afternoon at 3:30 calling my wife from my office (a glass windowed floor to ceiling tower in Cambridge) and saying that I’d be leaving soon. She wondered why the heck i was getting to leave so early. So depressing.

Come to DC. It’s only getting dark at around 4:45 here.

If one were to gather your impressions of Boston based solely on the content of your blog in recent weeks, they would be “chilly” and “dark”… not very favorable! 🙂

Strangely enough, it’s this time of the year that makes me appreciate Boston the most. Boston isn’t Boston until there’s people on the Frog Pond and snow on the bridges.

Well, I read with interest all the comments concerning early darkness.

I’ve lived here in WA state for 20 years. I’m located at latitude 46.54

It’s always gotten dark here at about 5 pm by the second or third week of Dec.

This year I noticed that it seemed to be getting darker earlier than years prior.

It was already dark at 5 pm by the middle of November. That just doesn’t seem right.

Now, interestingly enough, the pattern seems to be holding steady with just a faint bit of light still extant at 5 PM

The US Navy Observatory has the earliest sunset of the year at 4:15 on Dec. 10.

Two months ago, they had the sunset at 4:30 on winter solstice, Dec. 21.

Now they appear to have updated the solsitice sunset to 4:17

Wierd, eh? You tell me and we’ll both know!


Here in northern Ohio, the earliest sunset is around 4:58pm. I propose that we stay on daylight savings time all year, that way people in Boston wouldn’t have to put up with 4:10pm sunsets in December, which makes solar noon (the time at which the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky on that particular day) occur around 11:15am…way too early…instead the sun would set at 5:10pm at the earliest. Be glad you don’t live in northern Maine where the sun sets around 3:40pm in December!