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Coldforged has an entry title image replacement plugin that lets you have titles like mine (done previously) that also has word-wrapping. I think I saw an approach somewhere (was it b2evo?) that actually broke each word into a separate image. For me the length limitation isn’t a limitation as much as a sanity check, if I’m writing titles so long it breaks my site I should probably shorten up a bit. I’ve also found caching isn’t worth it, every title here has been completely dynamic for about a year now.

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Interesting comment on the caching.

I cache (and wordwrap, though my main column is narrower and so wrapping becomes a necessity) mostly because I wanted to go easy on the server. You likely have a better idea of this than I do.

I’m still testing my method out though…

Thanks for the link, Matt.

That is an interesting comment on the caching. You’d think the load on the server would be higher having to generate every time. I try to be careful about load as my hosting provider has smacked me previously for taking up too much processor time (whole separate, sordid story on them, though).

It should be noted that I didn’t come up with the caching or main rendering stuff, Joel did (and thanks for including the link to his original plugin). I just changed it up to be able to support the multiple lines. With the design of my site as narrow as it is and the fact that I tend toward longer titles, I had to do something about it :).

I don’t use sIFR myself just because when there’s a lot of it on a page it really slows my computer/browser down. Now that my blog is mostly asides that probably wouldn’t be too big an issue, but old habits die hard.

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