8 thoughts on “MPAA Hardball

  1. Yes we do. And I am quite sick of these greedy Entertainment Industry people turning people who love entertainment into criminals in the first place. Is it any wonder I hate living in America?

  2. I’ve gotten two. At one point it was so bad that my ISP suspended my service. Should I receive a third my service is severed permanently all on the word of the MPAA. All I wanted was to see episodes of Dead Like Me. Ah well.

    What’s really crazy is that by downloading episodes from the net I was encouraged to purchase the first season on DVD. So, who’s robbing who?

  3. I use PeerGuardian and it basically runs off a blocklist of IPs known to be tagged with RIAA, MPAA, and loads of other companies you most probely dont want to see your computer actions. It blocks them from making a connection inot your pc. I dont know how foolproof it is but its better than nothing.

  4. As part of my job, I work the abuse department at an ISP. Almost every DMCA notice I read these days is tied to BitTorrent use.

  5. Not to get all technical, but you said “Ryan Duff got a letter from the MPAA for using Bittorrent” but I think the real issue is what he was downloading, not how. Would you have said he got letter for using FTP?

    I hate to see BitTorrent lumped into the “bad guys” category, because it can be very useful, and in fact the podcasting community is on the verge of trying to build it into aggregators to help (legally) distribute large audio files.

  6. Pete: No, I probably wouldn’t have. All they had to do was click on a movie on Suprnova and get the ip’s from all the sources they’re downloading from. simple as that. I still think its the source, not what you’re downloading. The source they’re after is BitTorrent right now, and if the hash matches, you must sue.

    As long as people are sharing files and the MPAA and RIAA have their heads up their a$$es and try to sue their customers by scaring them instead of finding a better way, we will be faced with this problem. Support the EFF, stop the maddnes and help to find a better way.

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