10 replies on “Open Proxy Checker”

  1. I’ve just installed the plugin that’s mentioned by LostFocus in the pingback above. I hope it’ll work since I’ve had an awful amount of comment spam over the last few days. It hit me for the first time since I’ve been using WP and it’s outright shocking to have the notification mails coming in at their tens and twenties.

  2. I whipped up a plugin of my own earlier today, based on this. But despite the continued incoming comment spam, it hasn’t been triggered yet :-/

    Mine is identical to the one at LostFocus, except that I tied in the tarpit_mail() function from my Spammer TarPit plugin, so I would get notification when it’s triggered. Yes, that means I’d still get notification emails (though in a different folder than my normal WP approval messages). Because I enjoy laughing maniacally when spammers are denied. 🙂

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