Another WYSIWYG plugin for WordPress. I think we have three now.

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And yet, it hasn’t been done right yet. They all output horrible code with <b> and <br /> all over the place.

Until there’s an editor that can output code as pristine as that created by hand, color me non-interested.

well, i think that most of these javascript based WYSIWYG editor suffer due to what browser you are working in at the moment, since most of them rely on the designMode of the browser being turned on. The browser then writes whatever code it wants. Like in firefox its usually
instead of

, and IE like to put lots of font tags around things. The only editor that has really shown any kind of promise was the one created by google for blooger by That one is pretty cool.

Actually that doesn’t make much sense.

Valid html with sensible css styling for text is doable across browsers extremely easily. Its just sloppy/badly done final output.

IE and Firefox (or Opera/Safari/Lynx!) all support the tags and css needed to form proper output… there is no reason for font tags, BR’s or such.. its just badly formed output.

Which is a shame.

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