Gentoo Installs

I just found out the WordPress ebuild for Gentoo was grabbing the files off of Sourceforge instead of the standard download method that lets me collect cool stats. Installing WordPress on Gentoo is just a matter of typing “emerge wordpress” and those people weren’t being counted before. Currently the zip version is downloaded about two and a half times more than the tar.

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I guess the reason the zip is downloaded more is either that the user got windows and download it, unzip and possibly edit before uploading or that they got a windows server. I hope the first case is the biggest share of them, but that’s just me.

wordpress v1.2.2 released

Nice to see another small update to wordpress – hopefully fixing the login issues that some users have been seeing.

An updated ebuild can be found here which should make it into the gentoo cvs this evening – many thanks go to photomatt for providing…

I think most people would download the zip, unzip it then FTP to their server (I know thats what I do… or rather what I used to do before I discovered wget :p). Gentoo rocks 😀

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