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  1. Thank you very much for this post, Matt!
    First BoingBoing, then the WordPress Main Man himself… when I started this blog, it was only for a few friends and me 😀

    danithew: thanks, I’m discovering your graphical blog, and I hope to see more soon!

    Roy: using a blog to display photos or drawings is like using a blog to display text. I want to express myself graphically, and publish my journal daily. Why should I use anything else than a blog? and Pictorialis is providing exactly what I want 😉

    Mark: Pictorialis I was the best thing I tested. I was also familiarized with WordPress, so it was clearly the best thing I could use =)

  2. I certainly think Le Moleskine, and other blogs like it, is much more than a “photo blog.” And, like Mike says, its a versitile use of WordPress, and the blog medium in general. What makes scanning the thoughts and ideas one composes in a Moleskin journal, and posting them on the web, different from writing a simple text weblog?

  3. Mike, many things work but they are not always ideal. Example: millions think IE is the best browser; billions use paper to record tasks.

    Joachim, I don’t know what tools (if any) exist for this purpose. You might find out one day an recall what I said. I didn’t realise that Pictorialis was involved so I take some of my words back.

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