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Apparently I’m available on LiveJournal now. Update: I didn’t do this, so I don’t know exactly how it’s done. I believe it’s just polling my RSS feed and making that a LJ “friend”. I wonder who set it up?

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You’re right, it just polls your RSS feed. Paid and permanent users can add new feeds to the system; free users can just subscribe to“friend” them. I used to use it as my aggregator for a while, before BlogLines came along. (Before I found BlogLines, anyway.)

Entries for syndicated accounts are expire after two weeks or so, I think, in case you were worried that they’d stick around the LJ database forever.

ha, i actually accused jess of doing that since she has a paid account and was asking about feeds the other day (she saw that’s “doocery” feed was on my friends list; it has a little satellite image next to it instead of a little user “head” or community “heart”) but apparently it was created in june or something… i’m thinking of adding it to my list to see when you update. i check lj at least 5 times a day, and photomatt only once.

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