San Francisco Jobs

I seem to be hearing a lot about people hiring in the SF area. If you’re interested leave a comment with your name and what you’re good at.

17 thoughts on “San Francisco Jobs

  1. Interested? Heck yeah I’m interested. If I can get out of central Minnesota for the trendier (and more liberal!) climes of the Bay Area, I’m all for it. I’ve got pretty decent XHTML/CSS skills and I can throw around Photoshop and Illustrator alright. I’ve been known to work with Quark and InDesign, too. Really, though, I’m a painter. Do you know anyone looking to commission some wild ass geometry-inspired paintings of [mostly] non-representational subject matter? If so, I’m the man.

  2. I’m a programmer – I mostly do PHP and MySql stuff, but I’ve also done some Python, C++ VB.Net(yuck!) and COBOL (more yuck).

    I’m actually moving to SF in January do do some more schooling at USF, but wouldn’t definitely love to find some work, too.

  3. I’m in Alamo (next to Walnut Creek) and I’m a photographer with some basic HTML and Photoshop knowledge. I’m a good salesperson too and I’m excellent with horses.

  4. If they are interested hiring a brit, who’s good at web development, php, photoshop, and 3dsmax.. sure!

    But they’d have to sponsor me for a visa :/

    I’d love to, as my GF lives in SF (and I’ll be there from the 16th Dec!) but immigration is a pain in the ass 🙁

  5. It’s one of my goals to be out in that area in the next year or two. I’d like to get a programming job of some sort. Right now I mess around with PHP and MySQL a bit. Of course XHTML and CSS. I’ve worked with C++, VB, Java, and a few others. I don’t have a lot of experience programming though. Where I do have experience is in technical support. I’ve been working a university help desk for a total of 5 years now (3 full time), so if I have to start out doing tech support somewhere to get out there, so be it.

  6. I specialize in XHTML/CSS as well as standards compliance (508 / WAI)… reasons I’m a fan of WordPress. I spent four wonderful years in SF and I’m trying very hard to get back.

  7. NYC based, for now, would love to feel the sun more often. I do animation, illustration and design — analog or digital. I use Flash as my primary authoring tool. Also well versed in the mobile entertainment/development platforms.


  8. Standards complaint design, user interface design, php templating and development, basically sitting between designers and developers and merging their work together. 😉

  9. I’m certainly intrigued. East Bay, pixeljockey, standardista, six years. I don’t have an up-to-date portfolio online but I’m working on a redesign (isn’t everyone?)

  10. Heck if they’d work out my visa I wouldn’t think a sec not to move there! I’m a designer/coder and I don’t know how good I am, I guess you’ll just have to drop by my crib and check me out! 😉

  11. I’m a Bay Area local looking for web design and production work. I’m an excellent designer with plenty of multimedia skills, and started using the internet with Lynx and Mosaic in the early nineties. I have customized sites to work with PHP/MySQL frameworks, and can hack PHP to create custom changes to these frameworks. Design/HTML/CSS/PHP-MySQL – all good. I can speak comfortably with designers and engineers alike. I can provide excellent references! Also check .
    thanks- hope this yields something…