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  1. We can expect an immediate backslash from certain Microsofters any moment starting from now.

    I strongly believe in open source, and i would like to think they can go a long way in providing a safer place for internetworking and personal computing. But such educational/awareness article plays a vital part too in educating the general mass about the simple fact that internet IS NOT EQUAL to internet explorer and pc operating system IS NOT EQUAL to Windozzzzz.

    Code is poetry, poetry is free. Embrace open source, because human knowledge belongs to the world.

  2. Yesterday someone called Henry expressed it well in alt.html

    Unfortunately IE is here to stay as a dominant browser for many years!

    I had a discussion with one of my friends about a stupidity of Internet

    I have installed FireFox on hundreds machines doing computer services.
    What I have found, that maybe 2% are using it! I have installed it
    Quicktime, Flash and Java, nothing to do, just browse.

    NAH! They are to stupid to do that!

    Often, when I ask “What browser you’re using”, I hear the question:
    “What’s the hell is that?”

    “That’s the blue E icon on the desktop!”

    “Yeah = thingy for the Internet – I use it!”

    Suppose that FF is heaps better, so what?

    It will take MANY years to take over. IE took over Netscape because was
    given as ‘part’ of OS.

    As long as M$ will be number one as OS and Office producer, IE will
    stay. Most likely for many years.

    So… we have to design pages mainly for IE and the rest… just to
    check it.

    The main goal is a bloody IE.


  3. Windows is frustrating enough with its lackluster command line functionality. Take that away and you take away the last thread of hope at ever figuring out what Windows is doing beneath all the pretty windows.

  4. Not to be overly subjective, many commands have been removed from cmd.exe (formely knows as command.com), e.g. ‘deltree’, ‘attrib’ and even ‘help’ since DOS 6. It has become darn useless anyhow.

    I still use many DOS commands under bash ever since my migration to Linux, about 4 years ago… something along the lines of:

    alias dir/w=’ls –color=always -X’
    alias dir/p=’ls -la –color=always |more’
    alias deltree=’rm -R’

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