8 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Don’t worry Matt. San Francisco snowstorms are rarely more than 100 years apart:) Still, that was a heck of a storm we had on Sunday night.

    I went to a new page right when you updated the picture. Weird.

  2. Have you ever really experienced snow since youve lived in Texas? Have you lived in any other city? Thats gives me the idea for a post! 🙂

  3. While now may be pretty, it makes already horrible drivers even WORSE. Love the snow while it’s falling, hate it for the days it sticks around.

    In Oklahoma at least…

  4. The funny thing is I’ve never seen snow in real life.

    Are you serious?! I almost can’t imagine my childhood without snow! So you never had the pleasure of experiencing a White Christmas? Poor Matt…

  5. Nothing like snow. Of course I have seen it every year of my life, so I am used to it, but it is still special to see those first flakes fall every year.