Apple Announcements

Well the Shuffle and mini look pretty rocking, and both seem absolutely something I’d want to by. The Shuffle fits my listening habits pretty well and the mini looks like it could make a pretty swank gateway server for my living room. (I have a big beige box running Gentoo in there now.) Hook up two big external drives and you’re good to go. In other news, the official Apple WordPress Student blog has been pretty busy lately. When the story about it first broke there wasn’t a whole lot of content up there, but now it has filled out nicely.

4 thoughts on “Apple Announcements

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  3. Hmm…I wonder why the entry from January 9 is HTML-commented out? You can view the commented-out code on the main page, or you can look at it in the permalink, too. (And, it seems, it is indeed permanent for now.)

  4. Regarding the Shuffle – what about the iAudio U2? FM, voice recorder, audio in, acts like a flash drive, no software necessary, 20 hours playtime per charge, 512mb or 1gb, $179/$229, small LCD.