Baby Sign Language

Eric Meyer’s 13-month baby knows thirty words in sign language, I saw Meet the Fockers earlier tonight and thought that part of the movie was just made up. Apparently not!

14 thoughts on “Baby Sign Language

  1. Well, if they can teach apes and chimps sign language, I guess it isn’t that surprising that a baby could learn it too. It’s pretty remarkable how intelligent even the young are, and we don’t give them credit for cognitive skills just because they lack the ability to vocalize their thoughts.

  2. Just look at their reactions to certain types of music. I have seen babies as young as 9 or 10 months reacting to music they recognise in a very strong manner, either through movement or some sort of vocalisation.

  3. Ok, I admit that when I saw Meet the Fockers a couple of days ago I was also in doubt whether it was true or not that baby sign language thing. I’m always learning…

  4. Baby sign language is awesome – ours knew how to tell us when she was hungry, wanted up, down, something over there, and about 15 others. Until they learn to talk, makes things so much easier.

  5. Friends of mine have a little girl with Downs Syndrome. She’s 4 now(I think) and can’t really talk yet. But she’s been signing since about 12 months. It’s been a saving grace for them to care for her. Amazing what these little ones can do.

    My 8 month old son already says mama and dada, and knows the words bath, and eat. haven’t tried signing with him, but we should cuz it’d just be cool.

  6. I dunno; this is one of those things I’d have to eyewitness before I’d believe it (like someone swallowing their tongue). If it is possible though, that’s neat. Kids will know everything before they even go to school in the future.

  7. My wife’s sister trained her baby to sign early, surprising and great results, created happy baby and parents (and amazed Aunt and Uncle). Highly recommend for new parents. Shortens that frustrating period where your baby cries rather than just signing what the problem is. Babies clearly get what you’re saying to them, they just can’t talk back. Too bad when they’re teenagers it’s not like that 😉

  8. I love it that Ben’s movie is shedding light on baby sign language! Seven years ago I taught my son Brodie, then 6 months, how to sign. People would ask us if he had a hearing problem and we would have to explain ourselves over and over. We now have a new baby, 4 months, who is named Jack (and also goes by L. J.)…his first name is Lucky (what can I say, my husband won the coin toss)! We plan to teach Jack to sign as well….and maybe now people won’t ask us if he is hearing impaired.

  9. I taught my baby the 3 most important signs (eat, more, milk) when she was 7 months. She picked them up over a month after. Yes a lot of parents thought that her speech would be delayed. The results? She’s 18 months now and is speaking in sentences. Excuse me for the shameless bragging but I highly recommend teaching baby sign language:-)

    If you want to see a Quicktime movie of her making a few signs you can read my latest blog at

  10. Baby sign language is becoming such a craze now. Although, it was always around! What about Deaf children, they have always used signs. I am studying to become an interpreter and I am actually doing a paper on hearing babies learning sign. Would anybody here be willing to let me use some things that they have said about it? Any personal experiences. I wouldnt use your name of course. Please email me, I would appreciate it

  11. I thought that babies started with sign language then moved on to speach. They certainly do a lot of things with their hands. My boy could say good-bye with his hands long before he could say the words and we didn’t have to teach him. He just saw us do it and he started doing it everytime someone was leaving the house.

  12. I have just ordered my first book and flash cards set to teach my baby, Daniela (almost 5 months old). From what I’ve seen and heard, this will be a great experience to get a jump on her learning experiences… not to mention that now we won’t have to do everything under the sun just to figure out why she’s upset. 🙂 Plus, I think little Jack is so cute on “Meet the Fockers”, when he’s signing.

    I also love what others have said, ” Baby sign can be used no matter what language you speak… your baby can speak with other babies, even if the parents can speak a word of each others languages….etc.” You get my point. 🙂

  13. I have my own baby signs business, Angel Signs, and have witnessed how this phenomenon has changed communication, not only for the hearing children, but also their parents. The local tech. college in the Clemson, SC area has invited me to share baby signs through their continuing education program. I am excited to have the opprotunity to share this wonderful program with so many parents and babies.