du -sH

du -sH “du: WARNING: use –si, not -H; the meaning of the -H option will soon
change to be the same as that of –dereference-args (-D).” Now why on earth would they change that?

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Some versions of du already use -H for this (BSD and MacOS, for example). It’s most likely an attempt to unify du across platforms, which is always a good thing.

Of course, you really should use du -sh πŸ™‚

du on Mac OS X (10.3.7) doesn’t even have the -i option…

On the other hand, the -H option is (according to the man page):

-H Symbolic links on the command line are followed, symbolic links in file hierarchies are not followed.

Maybe this is the same reason nslookup is going away in favor of dig. I was quite fine with nslookup, why they force me to stop using I may never know…

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