New PunBB

PunBB is the forum software I recommend most people use, and they just released a new version. They are, as far as I know, only the second system to release a table-less thread view. (The first being They took a different approach than I did, and if you view the source it’s actually pretty heavy markup, but this is putting valid forums into the hands of many more people. Looks like an excellent release. Hat tip: Alex.

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PunBB looks like it should be a great companion forum for WordPress. Does anyone know of any integration tools to bridge the two? Despite many targeted Google searches, I couldn’t locate a single resource for integrating PunBB with WordPress.

On a completely different topic, is there a Subversion repository for WordPress 1.5? I could have sworn I came across a Trac instance for WordPress 1.5 a short while ago, but since I can’t seem to find a WP 1.5 svn repository at the moment, I’m beginning to wonder if I merely dreamt of its existence. Can anyone validate (or condemn) my sanity? 😉

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