18 thoughts on “PikaHolic

  1. It is not only worrying that someone has done that, but also that along the way, someone else will have agreed that it was a good idea.
    Oh dear oh dear oh dear

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  4. Hmm…some of us may snicker a bit now, but look at the quality of the items, and how so many of them are in original packaging. Some day that collection, in perfect condition like it is, will be worth a small fortune!

  5. I fully realize that most of the things people spend their money on aren’t truely necessary, from strictly a survival perspective, but this kind of frivolous obscession makes me really angry for some reason, especially in light of the recent tsunami tradgedy. And no, there really isn’t a difference between her buying assloads of Picachu crap, and the high-end camera lens I just bought, since they’re both just hobbies. And maybe she’s given money to the Red Cross, too, or works at a homeless shelter on the weekends. Still, I can’t look at those photos without getting pissed off and thinking, “WHY!?”

  6. Heh. A troll just left a comment on my site, in response to this. Why s/he didn’t just post it here is a mystery to me, but it was rife with profanity and spelling mistakes. Does anyone else find it ironic that someone so vigorously defending the obscessive collection of childrens’ toys has such a potty mouth?