San Francisco Meetup

So the plan is today Saturday at 2 PM at the Chaat Cafe on 3rd and Folsom we’ll have a WordPress late lunch for all the people in the area who are interested in the latest and greatest in weblog software. It’s not a meetup proper but should be fun nonetheless.

5 thoughts on “San Francisco Meetup

  1. Wow the cafe looks good! I was wondering why no one had struck upon the idea of opening a chain that sells some easily eaten Indian stuff, like Vadas and Dosas, besides the obvious Tandoori Chicken.

    Suddenly I am hungry, and want to move to California!

  2. We’ve have one here in Dallas just down the street from my house. There’s another chain called Masala Wok that does some Chaat as well as some Indian/Chinese fusion dishes. I thought about Chaat Cafe for our meetup, but it is always really busy.