Spanish WordPress History

My Spanish isn’t what it used to be but this history of WordPress looks good.

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I don’t speak much Spanish! I took it for a few years in school but I haven’t really used it since and my comprehension is pretty bad, but a read-through and Babelfish allowed me to get the gist of that article.

My Spanish isn’t what it used to be

Sort of implies that you used to speak Spanish well, and that you still do.

Living in California, Texas, New Mexico or Arizona sort of requires at least some Spanish comprehension. So, ¿no se habla español? Even if you can’t speak Spanish you can guess most words (example, the page title is Uso y Abuso which == “Use and Abuse”).

There was tons of Spanish around me in Houston and when I was growing up, and my parents and sister actually speak it fluently. (They lived in Mexico before I was born.) However I didn’t really develop an appreciation for the language until I got to college. Now I consider Spanish to be one of the most beautiful languages to hear, there’s something very musical about listening to a fluent speaker with a graceful accent. Now though I generally only hear Spanish when I walk by the Mexican embassy on the way to work in the mornings.

Hola Mat. Como estas? 😉
The article is well written, I think it is really small, but has the important info. The spanish WP team is working OK, and the version of WP in Spanish is available for Spanish speaking bloggers; however many of us prefer to use the english versions. This is a nice thing about WP, a lot of ‘hispanohablantes’ (spanish talkers) are very touchy when regarding their language, and they only use soft in Spanish. I have noted some important spanish blogs have decided that moving on to WP is one of their priorities for the 2005.
Feliz anio nuevo!!|

That should be ‘¿Cómo estás?’. This is exactly why I wrote the SpanishPants Plugin.

I think Greek is also a beautiful language. I have a bunch of songs by Selena. Where is the Mexican embassy, Señ WordPress?

hey matt.. get back your spanish.. no tenés idea de lo mucho que te estás perdiendo en la blogsfera hispanoparlante 😛 you got no idea all the things youre missing at the spanish speaking blogosphere 😉

Anyway.. Pedro, the one who wrote the article you linked is one of the most intresting spanish speaking bloggers, i do follow him a long time ago.. and its intresting since he was one of the biggest TXP advocates; he even give me a lot of help on one of my TXP installs; however… i’m one of the latest converts to WP.

Hi Matt!, I think you should remember me due to some recent TxD related talks.

That article is simply a small WP history abstract. It’s enough – I think – to point spanish blog users to the meaningful momments on the WP development and branding.
Last part is about donations, the first of a sequence trying to encourage spanish users to donate to their open source blogging tools projects.

And yes, I’m an active TXP developer but, as you know, two blogging tools live together on a nice armony on certain host ;-).

Good luck for this year!
– My english is, at least, as bad as your spanish 😉 –