Dougal on 1.5

Dougal on WordPress 1.5. Several people have asked if “Strayhorn” is a poke at Longhorn. Nope.

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Man, the fact that people even *ask* this question– and that all of them would probably recognize Duke Ellington as being a musician– illustrates something seriously wrong in the world today.

I’m assuming you’ve read “Lush Life” by David Hajdu… not just a biography of Strayhorn, but perhaps the best jazz bio ever written…


Have you already mapped out release names for future versions of wordpress? Can’t wait for “satchmo”, “bird” and “dizzy”.


I’m hoping that the ne plus ultra release of WordPress will be known as “Monk”!

BTW sorry for all of the hubbub I accidentally instigated in the WP community. It’s made my blog pretty popular lately though!


WordPress 1.5 RFR

Is this a review? Nope. It’s a RFR. I ask you, why should I upgrade to WordPress 1.5? I’m currently using 1.5-beta1 (or 1.3 if you prefer). But I modified the template files a lot, as well as the functions files. I know I could backup all those files…