Kubrick Header Tool

I’ve noticed a lot of the blogs updating to 1.5 are using Kubrick, which is great, but a lot of blogs look the same now! Time to spice up your life a little with Owen Winkler’s awesome Kubrickr. What does it do? Well first you type in a word and it searches Flickr for all the photos with that tag and that have a Creative Commons license. Pick one of them, then it lets you choose which part of the photo you like and it crops the photo then gives you a download with the graphic to upload to your blog. How cool is that?

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yeah noticed that lots of people who used WP as a weblog engine do have the same template from kubrick lol…the newest version of WP is nice! I’ve installed WP through the fantastico on saturday [the older version] and then upgraded it to the newest version. Just curious of the newest version and then after the installation is done I removed the WP again hihih 😀

Nifty – of cource its still Kubrik, just kubrik with a photo.. which is progress.

Mine is currently stuck on Kubrik while I redesign and generally thrash out a new look. One thing I love about Kubrik tho is its white space… see if I can keep that…

The Wonder Bread theme!

I finished up the Wonder Bread theme tonight. I thought it would be kind of funny, but I didn’t see the point of posting the link with the files since it was hardly re-usable and pretty generic. I don’t know why I like to play with corporate logos …

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