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  1. Also, document.selection has been updated in V8beta2 so that the edit buttons in the post editor work exactly as expected. Lots of other enhancements and fixes, though there is one major regression to do with font substitution; Opera cut down file access on start-up by almost 50% (Opera used to scan unicode ranges for all fonts, now uses another method) which led to this regression.

  2. There are also said to be some regressions with the mail threading and such so I guess I have to wait for beta 3 before I upgrade from beta 1. Quirksmode have updated DOM and CSS tests (though not complete yet) and Opera 8 seems to be atleast as good as mozilla. It is the best browser out there.

  3. Just about time that Opera fixed that problem. It was one of the main reasons for me to switch (almost) completly to Firefox. So actually this fix is comeing way to late

  4. It’s great indeed. This is the first Opera version that I can use on the WP interface. Also, it’s now possible to select a string and on pressing the quicktags they get inserted before and after the selection. That didn’t work before.

  5. Strange. Updating to beta 2 indeed fixed the problem a few days ago… But the issue is back now, and I don’t know why. Hmm :-/ I’m not even sure why WP doesn’t fix the problem on its end– I have some perfectly working stylized fieldset tags on my kyodai.com website… If only I knew what the problem was exactly, then I could hack WP so it doesn’t do what’s wrong 😉

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