Tool Marketshare?

Elise’s look at weblog tool marketshare is interesting if not the most accurate. I’d much rather see numbers from someone who could programatically actually determine what blogs use, like Technorati or Feedster. Anyway I tried to follow along in the audience and typed “” into Google, which gave me a helpful page with “link to” and “contains term” links, which I assume is Elise’s methodology. Link to returned 288,000, as is in her chart, but contains term gave 674,000, which is radically different than the 5,000 she attributed to WordPress. I sent a note suggesting she look at this number, to which she replied to Google for, which I did. The “contain this term” link returned the even more modest “Results 1 – 10 of about 981,” so obviously the chart should be updated to 1 instead of 5 immediately.

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Google so doesn’t like you. I got to thinking about how incredibly low the results for Blogger were, and how that’s probably because Google special-cases its own properties, so I did what the search engine spammers do when they think their link counts are being artificially lowered: went to 13,100K 3,310K 2,700K 763K

Those number are certainly wrong, too, but they have a much better feel to them.

There’s no one covering this, Blog Census is long dead and the people with the info (Technorati, Feedster, Bloglines) don’t share it. I might just end up writing a crawler, it wouldn’t need to store a lot of data. These numbers will also change a lot when WordPress MU is out.

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