Trackbacks Hit Again

My entry on Trackback Spam has been getting a lot of traffic today, unfortunately.

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I got hit with about 400 trackback spams overnight. ANd there’s been about 2000 comment spams since Sunday, but every single one of those got caught. I just disabled trackback, as I should have done long ago.

I got hit also on two of my sites over night and through the morning. Probably 200-300 trackback spams, but thanks to my plugins, every one of them went into moderation.

Many hundreds of attempts last night and this morning (two distinct spam runs). None go through, because all were sent via open proxies on the open proxy list (thank heavens for DNSBL blocking of trackbacks and comments!).

Eventually, I got bored and started playing games with them (the accompanying HTTP headers were quite … umh … amusing).

<last-words class=”famous”>I’ve been lucky so far.</last-words> While I’ve had to deal with some massive comment spam runs (thank you, Spam Karma), I’ve received very little trackback spam. I’ve gotten a couple of one-off probes (the usual poker sites), but Spam Karma’s tossed them into moderation. (I still get the email, which is annoying, but not as bad as having to go in and remove the comment.)

Of course, those massive spam runs I’ve seen have been in the first or second week of each month, so I’m probably about due. Time to batton down the hatches!

Kitten’s Spaminator, Spam Karma and ThreeStrikestook care of them. 3 lines of defence was enough I guess.
Thank god. Either that or they removed me from their lists ! 🙂