Upgrade Partay

WordPress 1.5 upgrade party on Tuesday. I had originally planned for it to be Monday, but forgot about that whole Valentine thing. If you want to host an upgrade party in your area, let me know!

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Funny stuff! I thought about this very card just 2 days ago. It’s tattooed in my brain. One funny sentence from that episode was “My doctor says that I will stop having nose bleeds if I just keep my fingers outta’ there”…

You guys should have a party kick-off in #wordpress or something, considering all those who cannot be a part because of geography. We did this one time with an party, and it worked well. Allows people to be somewhat included that otherwise couldn’t be. Just a thought.

Man if I weren’t a student I would be SO there. Don’t feel tooi bad ZEO, Dan, and Anthony; I live just a few miles away from Matt and I still can’t go. Oh well. I’ll be there in spirit :). Is 1.5 going to be released on March 19th? You can tell me Matt. I won’t leak it (for free anyway). Before or after March 19th?

For the folks who are not anywhere near the US (forget San Fran), could you please tell us which nightly build it is that you mention as the “good one”.

It will be very helpful.

No Mathias, Monday. Remember, Matt had scheduled it for Monday originally, and he said 1.5 was going to be realesed on some Jazz Person’s birthday. Not being a Jazz Man myself (I prefer rock), I wouldn’t know, but I’m guessing Coltrane. Is it anyone on this page?

To me Jazz ~= Funk. Maceo parker was the only musician on the list. Maybe Matt & Ryan lied to us…In the future for all WP release thingies the developers should have to take an oath.

And what’s the difference between beta and gamma anyway? And why are they named after Greek letters? And why can’t they change them to reflect MODERN Greek letters (Veta instead of Beta)? Why do I even care; I don’t even use WordPress…yet. And why doesn’t WP have an ‘edit comment’ mechanism like TypeSpace does. I need to correct my horrible spelling (typing?) of ‘release’ as ‘realse’.

Fingers crossed for Monday (I suspect Matt is yelling “Damn. He figured it out the release date!” right about now).

WordPress Upgrade Party

Matt is hosting a WordPress 1.5 upgrade party on Tuesday for those interested in migrating their blogs to the latest and greatest, smoking version of the best blogging software around.

Tuesday, Feburary 15th, from 6-11PM, I will be hosting an upgrad…

I would love to host a party here in Birmingham, I think I know the only other WordPress user in a one hundred mile radius… maybe I should call it a switch to WordPress Party.

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