24 thoughts on “In Florence

  1. Nothing like Florence. I spent a few days in the city and absolutely fell in love with it. If I had to pick a city to live in Italy, Florence would be at the top of list.

  2. Same here – Firenze is incredible. Matt, there’s a great restaurant called Za Za’s (ask around, but I think it’s in San Lorenzo) – wonderful food, and the atmosphere is just fun fun fun. This was a couple of years ago, and…in the summer, but give it a go anyway 🙂 Bobboli gardens are beautiful too, south-east of the river. Pics please!

  3. beautiful here, but a little damp

    See, I told you you should come to Ireland – it never rains here – oh, hang on, maybe I’m getting confused with Southern California!



  4. ciao – there is always sunny wine to warm up the spirits.

    or phone Hammersly and have him provide you with a source of good espresso correcto!

  5. You can not leave Florence without having a Florentine Steak (if you eat meat; the best) and some Gelato. For Gelato, go to Festival del Gelato (Address: Via del Corso 75r Directions: Just off Via dei Calzaiuoli, close to Piazza della Repubblica). I highly recommend the pistachio gelato!

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  7. hey let him enjoy his vacation. he’s in florence, italy, for crissake! oh, and his software was free for you to download and use.

    matt, whoever you are, go to this restaurant:

    La Giostra (i can’t believe i remembered the name.)

    here’s info on how to find it:


    it was strongly recommended to me by some people we met in the city, and they weren’t wrong. don’t be mad if the hapsburg prince who runs the place swigs some of your wine as he pours!


  8. I am sorta hoping this whole spam issue is really cruel april 1st prank. Doubtful.

    But yeah… the storm will brew until the man himself speaks up. That said, you might as well enjoy the rest of your trip at this point. 🙂

  9. Just wondering if you could give us a link to a place you may have already posted, or could you post a response to the “buzz”.

  10. That trackback by QCumberland is awesome; completely sums up the atmosphere of this whole dreadful affair.

    For what it’s worth, Matt, there’s loads of us out here who know it’s an honest mistake and won’t think one mite less of you for it. You’ve poured thousands of hours into this project, and it completely shows. Just stick up a donation button and tell people to click it.

  11. mwarden, QCumberland,

    What the heck are you guys doing? It’s completely off-topic and should go somewhere else. mwarden, if you have strong feelings about it, post them at Slashdot. QCumberland, that’s self-promoting garbage.

    I am sorry to continue this off-topic discussion, but I think somebody had to tell you off.

  12. Roy,

    I would have posted in the thread in the support forums, but it was removed and then replaced and turned off. Why would I want to post on Slashdot? I brought it up here because I assume /. is blowing it out of proportion.

  13. I only passed through Florence once a long time ago. I look foward to seeing your pictures, maybe they will inspire me to return.
    Thanks for everything you do Matt. =)

  14. Hiya Matt,

    I’ll be in Florence in a few days myself, too bad we timed it differantly, we could have planned a WP meetup for Houstonians overseas!