Validate Emails

How to REALLY validate emails.

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Yes, but when the next person quoted the entire thing when replying with a one line comment on how incredible that regex was..
I’m glad commenting on blogs doesn’t automatically quote the post!

Wow, that is long. I haven’t tested which works better, but this one has always worked fine for me:


I believe it is not how to match email address, but how to match the whole RFC822 address which includes one or more email address. An email address looks like this: But an RFC822 address may look something like “John Doe” <>.

Heh. Now he has two problems.

There are lots of valid email addresses that typical regexps don’t catch. IIRC, the following is a valid email address: “a b c”@[] – a regexp is really not enough to validate an email address, because you end up with a monstrosity like this (with all respect to the author).

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