A Summary

I guess the problem with a long piece is many just skim it, and the more words there are the more chance there is for the meaning to be lost. I’ve given a lot of thought to putting things as succintly as possible: Knowing what I knew then, I would probably make the same decision; knowing what I know now I wouldn’t even consider it. Not thinking through all the ramifications was a big mistake. So was not having more community dialog from the beginning, which would have caught this earlier. I am extremely sorry for both, and it won’t happen again. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive. Amazingly, WordPress has gotten more donations in the last 4 days then it has in the past year — what an incredible community.

17 thoughts on “A Summary

  1. Not thinking through all the ramifications was a big mistake. So was not having more dialog from the beginning, which would have caught this earlier.

    I guess this all comes down to lessons learnt, we all make mistakes Matt, no matter how good or innocent our original intentions are, they can and do happen. Oh, and really, all you need to do, is ask, the community will respond, hence the donations. 🙂

  2. My currency of choice was bug fixes, plugins, and helping other users, back when I didn’t have any money. But now that I can look at my bank account without shreiking, I thought now would be a great time to use a more flexible currency. I had a feeling as I donated that I might not be the only one reminded that “donate to WordPress” had been on their todo list for far too long.

    I think you pegged it correctly… this could have been prevented with a little communication.

  3. Yes Matt. This is much much better. Thanks for keep trying until you got it right.

    Here it your receipt:

    We all make mistakes, Matt, but thank god we can learn from them.

    Good luck, Matt.

  4. Your apology post was well-written, and those folks who continue to trash you will likely do it regardless of what you say at this point. The past is the past; let’s move on, move forward, and continue to enjoy the increasing popularity of WordPress as an excellent blogging platform.

  5. The whole issue was a study in mob mentality.

    After your long post explaining the matter, I was almost disappointed that it wasn’t an elaborate April Fools’ joke!! 🙂

  6. Matt, I’m very, very glad to know that you’ve learned the lesson well (and I don’t mean that in the condescending patriarchal tone it comes across in). Life is nothing more than a chance to make mistakes and learn from them. It’s unfortunate that the oft present human tendency to pounce on others mistakes (often while hiding our own) is amplified by blogs through which every Tom, Dick and Harry has a the world’s largest megaphone.

    I’m glad that Andy published the story, that you responded so well, that the articles are gone (gone gone), that much of the WordPress community pitched in an responded the right way and that this whole thing didn’t leave you hating weblogs. I remember a time not long ago when two of my other friends (and the entire company they employed) received a similar treatment that was even more undeserved. It never feels good but it certainly makes you stronger if you survive it.

    Let’s grab coffee soon. Hugs.

  7. We all have those lapses. It’s called being human. Not a single one of the ‘critics’ can claim any rosier a past than anyone else. I believed in your good intentions. Still do.

  8. Good to hear you are well, and home. I donated Matt. Hope I remember to do it again. I would not mind being reminded, either. So, perhaps consider an annual mailing to past contributors – or such an ‘opt-in’ list. I believe there is more of a willingness, and less aversion, to being asked for support when you need it than some think.

    Is there currently a team addressing these issues and crisis management for the future? Or, is any thought being given to develop a team within WordPress to undertake such activities and one to handle PR for inevitable unpleasantries? As WordPress grows further, having contingencies to address such bumps in the road is in everyone’s best interest.

    All the best. WordPress is terrific and so are you, the developers, community and supporters.