CNET Networks Site

CNET Networks has a new corporate site where you can see the new logo I’ve mentioned before. What I found fascinating was the advertising rate card, I wonder what Jason would give for $111 CPM? I’m not sure what half of those ad units mean.

9 thoughts on “CNET Networks Site

  1. So are they planning on getting rid of the red c|net logo, or is the new logo just for corporate communications?

    The c|net logo is probably one of the most reconizable on the internet.

  2. This is just for CNET Networks which is the big overarching company across a bunch of brands, including the red ball one. I agree that the red ball is hard to miss.

  3. Show me the company that paid $111 CPM for an ad on Cnet! I’m sure that is probably a historical range dating back to about 1998 when people were stupid.

  4. Yeah, we have a rate card at ESPN we give to advertisers but I’m not sure if it’s public or not. I think probably not. I can tell you though that even our most immersive, broadband screen-real-estate-eating ads don’t go for anywhere close to $111 CPM. That’s crazy talk!

  5. I don’t know man… a 728×90 “Leaderboard” is a pretty standard ad unit these days. In fact, it’s pretty much the new 468×60. Doesn’t sell for a premium generally. The only sorts of ads that sell for premiums these days are video ads, full page takeovers, surrounds, and interstitials.