Geek Lunches Dangerous

Scoble got in trouble for the very long geek lunch/meetup last Saturday in Seattle. He also relates a funny story from the afternoon. We had about 15 people come and go during the meetup and it was a lot of fun — thanks to all who came out.

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Ha! I was wondering if that little story would make it to someone’s blog. I wanted to give you one of those rockstar moments, Matt. 🙂 I was the random guy who walked up and thanked you for WordPress.

I happen to be visiting in Seattle with some friends from out of town and notice all these famous bloggers sitting across the way from me. A friend and I write a little blog at and it’s powered by WordPress so I thought it would be forgivable to interrupt the meeting to say thanks.

If you ever make it up to Bellingham, WA, let me know and I’ll buy ya a drink.

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