Meeting Ben

While in Florence I had the pleasure of meeting Ben Hammersley who took us to have real Tuscan food, which apparently involves parts of a cow you wouldn’t normally expect to eat. We chatted about a whole range of topics and I learned quite a bit about everything from solo polar expeditions to DNA hacking.

4 thoughts on “Meeting Ben

  1. Well if you ever come to Spain, you can join us for parts of pig that you wouldn’t normally expect to eat. And fish, for that matter 🙂

  2. It feels odd being weirded out by people eating an animals unmentionables, when I know in some parts of the world live monkey brain is considered a delicacy.

  3. Well Matt, if you ever visit the South, I’ll cook you a good ole’ fashion southern meal 🙂 BEAT THAT!! Consider it a “Thank You”. I still have to buy Podz a Diet Coke if he ever gets his hiney out of England 🙂