Rosie O’Donnell

This is too crazy — Rosie O’Donnell of talk show fame has a WordPress blog in which she writes poetry-like entries daily that get hundreds of comments. (And the site is very snappy, this is why more and more high-traffic publishers are switching to WordPress.) It gets better — she’s also on Flickr. I feel like I just stumbled into an alternate universe where celebrities are using software I helped write. Hat tip: neiljmorrow via email.

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That’s one busy little WP site she’s running! These fame announcements are getting pretty common now… I think you need a new weblog just to handle it! <plug>Blogs Of The Day (still in development) is coming along nicely thanks to your help and it will be a nice indicator of the most popular among botd-enabled WP sites.</plug>

Rosie had been blogging on blogspot, but got really frustrated with troll comments, and had to eventually turn commenting off completely. She’s obviously much happier with WordPress and the ability it gives her to have more control of not just comments but every aspect of the site. The Flickr thing, well that’s just cool. She’s a moblogging maniac — and she only started a few days ago. Dunno how she scored the “rosie” username.

Rosie 2.0

On her new WordPress blog, simply titled “r blog”, Rosie O’Donnell blogs – e e cummings-style – in lower-case verse as oppossed to prose. Her previous blogspot blog, formerlyrosie, contained the same content and garnered quite a bit of attention. …

Was just telling the wife about Rosie’s blog. (“Remember the guy we ran into at Katz’s? Matt?”) Anyhow, she had just looked at Rosie’s blog yesterday or the day before. Apparently Rosie had some posts about American Idol (hence my wife’s interest). Weird…