UK Liberal Democrats

Peter Westwood wrote in that the UK Liberal Democrats election blog is on WordPress and looks pretty professional. I have no idea about UK politics, but it’s nice to see WordPress being used in more and more high-profile sites.

11 thoughts on “UK Liberal Democrats

  1. The Liberal Democrats are good people. They’re our country’s third biggest political party after the current government (Labour) and the official opposition (Conservative). Here’s hoping the balance will shift a little in the upcoming election and give them a few more seats in parliament.

    However, considering their official colour is yellow, I can’t help but think that Textpattern would have been a more appropriate choice 😉

  2. was set up by Richard Allan (, a Liberal Democrat member of parliament who has been blogging with WordPress for quite some time now. I haven’t voted in the UK before, but I’ve been impressed with how Allan has taken up the fight against EU software patents and has generally been one of the more web-savvy politicians. Richard Allan has retired as an MP from today (dissolution of parliament).

  3. It looks default if you’ve seen a million other WordPress weblogs, like we all have. Their audience probably isn’t as familiar with Kubrick as we are.

  4. Their audience is probably pretty web-savvy — they tend to be supported by academics, students and other people who are (or at least like to think themselves) intelligent. It’s often seen as the thinking person’s party — probably the reason that they’re third rather than in power 😉

  5. That’s weird, I posted a thing earlier trying to explain why it was cool that the Libdems were using WordPress (they oppose software patents, etc) and it didn’t come up — I thought it had been whacked into the moderation queue but then that one appeared. Freaky software glitches

  6. The Liberal Democrats are much like the third party candidates in the US. Great for people that hate the two main parties, and most people will find at least one of their policies that they like. Unfortunately their limited success has come from targeting all their campaign money at a tiny number of easy-to-win constituencies, so they aren’t going any further.

  7. If any Liberal Democratss have any time during the next four weeks to give some reflections to both Europeans and Americans on the progress of the campaign, they would be very much appreciated on the new site New European TImes.

    New European Times is a European/American side shoot of Daily Kos, the largest political web site in the USA, with over 50,0000 Democratic Party members registered on it. Interesting comments from you on New European Times will be cross posted to Daily Kos. With 500,000 hits on the site every day, it is a huge audience that we update weekly on the election.